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Where Passion and Dedication Meet




1984-2002 (Homeless child)

2002 Graduated from High School and moved out of her parents RV.

2004 Graduated from Santa Barbara Business College and started working in Corporate.

2011 Graduated with Bachelors in Management from University of Phoenix

2016 Graduated with Master's in Business from CSU-Channel Islands

2020 Joined Committee for Social Justice Board

2021 Honored with the role of President of CSJ Board

Krystal is not new to homelessness; however, she is new to homeless activism. Her involvement in CSJ has been extremely important as the group is now venturing out to seek new funding sources. Her long history of Corporate exposed her to contracts, grant writing, government contracting and funding. Her technical skills in building websites, running meetings and organizing have helped CSJ to kickoff a new era in their work.




1. 1982 First meeting of the Homeless People's Association. Helping to organize homeless to fight for equal rights.
2. Found attorney to help the homeless to sue for the right to vote
3. Managed the homeless Coalition office for three years.
4. Helped to run Winter Shelters for a time.  Also worked for the warming  centers when they first opened up.
5. Walked across USA for the homeless in an election year.
6. Helped to create a Safe Parking Program for people living in their vehicles. Walked to Sacramento having people sign our petitions to repeal the sleeping law
7. Helped to create gorilla theater to educate the public about the plight of the homeless.  The list goes on but that is enough.  I have fought for homeless people over 40 years.

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Gina Rodarte Quiroz is a native of Goleta and dedicated advocate for social justice with a passion for
helping unhoused citizens in Santa Barbara County. Gina attended La Patera Elementary, Goleta
Valley Jr high and graduated from Dos Pueblos High School class of 1985. After a break she earned
a Bachelors degree in Business Management from CSU 1993. Gina serves as both a Board Member
and Outreach Coordinator for Committee For Social Justice
Additionally Gina’s accomplishments include:
Board Member for the Continuum of Care with SBACT and co-chair for the Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion Committee SBACT
Awarded scholarship with The National Coalition for the Homeless
Awarded scholarship with The National Alliance to End Homelessness
Awarded scholarship with The National Alliance Against Domestic Violence
Her platform focuses on addressing the needs and concerns of the unhoused population in the
county. She firmly believes that every individual deserves access to basic necessities, including
shelter, food, and healthcare. Through her tireless efforts, Gina strives to create a more inclusive and
compassionate community where everyone feels valued and supported.
As an Outreach Coordinator, Gina works diligently to connect with the unhoused population to assist
them with the disparities they are struggling with and provide them with the necessary resources and
support they need. She actively collaborates with local organizations, government agencies, and
community members to develop effective strategies and initiatives that address the root causes of
Gina’s approach to her work is characterized by her tenacity and empathetic demeanor. She
understands the meaningful connections with those she serves because she lived on the streets in
Santa Barbara county for over six years.
Gina believes that education and awareness are key to breaking down the STIGMAS about
homelessness. Through workshops, public speaking engagements, and community events, Gina
strives to foster understanding and empathy among all residents of Santa Barbara County and her
goal is to empower the underserved back to a life of stability and to end the criminalization of poverty.




  • Came to Santa Barbara to do graduate work in Sociology at UC-Santa Barbara.

  • Taught at the Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Berkeley campuses of the University of California, the Fielding Graduate University, Ventura College and Antioch University Santa Barbara. 

  • A psychological breakdown in 1999 left him psychotic, addicted and living on the streets (now housed)

  • Worked as a social worker for Will Bridge of Santa Barbara, the Safe Parking Program, New Beginnings Counseling Center, Casa Esperanza (now PATH) and Transition House (where he managed their program on Homelessness Prevention). 

  • Sits on the boards of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE SB), the County’s Behavioral Wellness Commission, the County’s Continuum of Care (housing policy for our unhoused neighbors) as well as the boards of Showers of Blessings and Social Venture Partners-Santa Barbara (a local think tank prominent on matters of housing and homelessness)




Graduated from San Marcos High School
Went on to graduate from UC Davis and/Captain of the men's soccer team.
Loyola Law School in Los Angeles-Interned with the Innocence Project, a nonprofit famous for freeing innocent people from Prison.
Mentored by criminal justice attorney Robert Landheer. since 2016, now working his own law cases.  Web site RX
He is now a full-fledged criminal justice attorney taking also DUI cases. 
His non-profit work includes ...
Vice President of Finance for the Santa Barbara Defenders, a non-profit of private attorneys in Santa Barbara
Sits as a board member and staff attorney for the Committee of Social Justice, a nonprofit that does advocacy, education, and outreach for the unhoused population in Santa Barbara.




Born 5/29/1954, Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii

Collected medicinal herbs in the '70s

Master herbalist, compounding herbal remedies

Nutritional consultant

Caregiver off and on for many years using hospice-like work. 

I lived on the Streets of Santa Barbara for a number of years.  Now housed.

Sits on the Committee for Social Justice board. as a homeless advocate

Sits on the steering committee for SB ACT as a Homeless advocate and connects our board with SB Act.

Co-chairs SB Act's: Lived-in experience group

I worked at feeding many people who live on the streets.

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